Cache Memory

Friday, July 29, 2005


Hi everyone. This week, I present you about "Cache Memory".It is not a new hardware technology. But it is a important thing you should consider before making a decision to buy a computer or new hardware technology.

Cache is a kind of memory that is between CPU and Main Memory. It works by transporting or keeping the recent data that you always use(Only, when you turn on the computer) in the high level of speed, That is the reason why the system tempo depends on it.

There are 2 famous CPU you have already known it. Intel and AMD are the most famous brands I recommend. But it has some different parts that indicate type of work it works with well.

AMD has the most value of cache memory that is the reason why it always has a problem about heat If you want to use this brand, please make sure that you work in the air-conditioned room. AMD is suitable for animation or a high quality graphic.

Intel is the most stable CPU, you can use it with the calculation and will not work in the cool place cause it has no any problem with heat.

So, before making a decision to buy a computer, You should think deliberately.

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